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The Impact of Jack Dorsey’s Philanthropy on St. Louis Basic Income Scheme

In a show of formidable generosity, Jack Dorsey, famed for cofounding Twitter and for his role as CEO of Square Inc., has committed a substantial $1 million investment towards the initiation of a scheme designed to provide a secure basic income in St. Louis, Missouri, his native city.

This dynamic move ensures that a chosen number of qualified applicants will be the receivers of steady monthly installments of $500 over a period of one and a half years.

The Initiative’s Blueprint

The conceptualization of St. Louis’ Guaranteed Basic Income (STL GBI) Pilot Program owes its life to Jack Dorsey. At the heart of this pilot is a motive to alleviate poverty in the city. In a press release, it was announced that the lucky participants would receive monthly stipends for 18 months.

The groundbreaking initiative commenced in December of the previous year when St. Louis’ Mayor, Tishaura Jones, gave her seal of approval to Board Bill Number 116 (BB116). This bill, backed by Alderwoman Shameem Clark Hubbard, marks the initiation of Missouri’s inaugural guaranteed basic income initiative. Initially, the program looked forward to enrolling 440 families. The injection of Dorsey’s financial help now allows for the induction of an additional 100 participants.

The program’s objective is to bring onboard 540 participants with Jack Dorsey’s, #startsmall campaign funding the initiative in partnership with Deaconess Foundation. The campaign is generously donating $1 million, which will fund the addition of the 100 extra participants.

To qualify for the assistance offered by the program, applicants must adhere to a certain set of guidelines. They must be residents of St. Louis with a child or dependent under 18 currently studying at a public school. Their household income should not exceed 170% of the federal poverty level, and they should be contending with adverse financial burdens as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This could include scenarios like loss of employment or a surge in childcare costs.

A Surge in Similar Programs Across U.S

The concept of providing a basic income for citizens is being mirrored across various U.S. cities –with St. Louis now becoming a part of the more than 30 municipalities embarking on this financial exploration. The aim is to provide a fiscal boost to families heavily steeped in the throes of poverty. According to Mayor Jones, the city is pleased to receive Dorsey’s support – not just as a significant-contributor, but also as a native son of St. Louis.

Once the process of lottery-based selection is over, the chosen applicants will have to provide proof of financial need and verification of St. Louis residency.

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What are your thoughts about Dorsey’s generous contribution towards St. Louis’ Basic Income scheme? We’d love to hear your insights – feel free to share them below.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of Jack Dorsey’s donation?

The purpose of Jack Dorsey’s donation is to launch St. Louis’ Basic Income Pilot Program.

2. How much did Jack Dorsey donate to the program?

Jack Dorsey donated $1 million to launch the Basic Income Pilot Program in St. Louis.

3. What is St. Louis’ Basic Income Pilot Program?

St. Louis’ Basic Income Pilot Program is an initiative aimed at providing a guaranteed basic income to a select group of individuals in the city for a certain period of time, with the goal of assessing its impact on poverty reduction and economic stability.

4. Who will benefit from the Basic Income Pilot Program?

The Basic Income Pilot Program will benefit a specific group of individuals in St. Louis, who will be chosen through a selection process that considers various socioeconomic factors.

5. How will the Basic Income Pilot Program be implemented?

The Basic Income Pilot Program will be implemented by distributing a regular cash payment to the selected participants over a certain period of time. The program’s progress and results will be closely monitored and evaluated.

6. What are the expected outcomes of the Basic Income Pilot Program?

The Basic Income Pilot Program aims to assess the impact of guaranteed basic income on poverty reduction, economic stability, and overall well-being of the selected individuals. It also aims to provide valuable insights for potential future implementations of similar programs.

7. Can other individuals or organizations contribute to the Basic Income Pilot Program?

Yes, other individuals or organizations can contribute to the Basic Income Pilot Program. The program welcomes additional support and funding to expand its reach and enhance its effectiveness.

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