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  • Callum Ferguson


    With an extensive background in quantum computing and fintech, Callum drives our strategic vision and ensures we remain at the forefront of AI Trading. His leadership is marked by a passion for innovation and a commitment to fostering an environment that encourages creative problem-solving.

  • Finlay MacKenzie


    An experienced technologist with a deep understanding of AI and quantum algorithms, Finlay oversees our technology strategy, developing new solutions and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. He is a forward-thinker who thrives on turning visionary ideas into groundbreaking products.

  • Alistair Campbell

    VP of Engineering

    Alistair’s engineering prowess combined with his knowledge of the financial markets fuels our platform's efficiency and robustness. Leading a highly skilled team, he ensures our technology stack is optimized for high-speed, secure, and reliable trading execution.

  • Jamal Khan

    Director of Marketing

    Bringing a wealth of experience in fintech marketing, Jamal develops and implements innovative marketing strategies that amplify our brand presence and attract a diverse audience. He has a knack for making complex technologies understandable and appealing to both investors and users.

  • Alex Chen

    Senior Data Analyst

    Alex leverages his analytical skills to extract meaningful insights from vast data sets, enhancing our AI's predictive capabilities. His knack for interpreting market trends and data anomalies helps us stay ahead in a constantly evolving financial landscape.

  • Leila Kim

    AI Researcher

    Leila's expertise in machine learning and quantum computation plays a crucial role in refining our trading algorithms. She is passionate about exploring new methodologies and techniques to improve the predictive accuracy and efficiency of our platform.

  • Kirsty Anderson

    AI Researcher

    Kirsty excels at applying the latest research in artificial intelligence to our trading platform. Her innovative approach ensures our AI models stay adaptive and powerful, creating a seamless, highly effective trading experience for our users.

  • Ethan Parker

    AI Architect

    As our AI Architect, Ethan designs the underlying structures of our AI systems, ensuring they are scalable, resilient, and efficient. His profound understanding of quantum computing and machine learning is instrumental in architecting AI models that can handle high-volume, high-velocity trading.

  • Oliver Scott

    AI Developer

    Oliver combines his knowledge of quantum computing with practical AI development skills to bring our platform's cutting-edge features to life. His relentless pursuit of code optimization ensures our system runs smoothly and efficiently, making the most of the quantum advantage.

Take your trading to the next level

Experience the future of asset trading with Quantum AI, the game-changing fusion of artificial intelligence and big data that produces unparalleled trading capabilities. Empowering traders to conquer the markets with precision and finesse.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.