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Triumph for Ripple as SEC’s Plea Gets Dismissed by Judge Analisa Torres

A significant win came Ripple’s way as U.S District Judge Analisa Torres turned down an interlocutory appeal put forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in its continuous lawsuit against Ripple. Torres expressed that SEC couldn’t satisfactorily demonstrate the erroneousness of her earlier decision. An April 2024 trial is scheduled to deliberate the remaining matters.

SEC’s Attempt to Appeal Ripple Case Thwarted by Judge Torres, Trial Slated for April 2024

In a revealing verdict handed down on Tuesday, the judge presiding over SEC’s ongoing litigation against Ripple dismissed SEC’s interlocutory appeal. The SEC proposed a motion to certify an interlocutory appeal of two judgments related to XRP in the current Ripple case.

“The SEC’s application for interlocutory appeal certification is declined, and the SEC’s petition for a stay is dismissed as inapplicable,” was the statement given by Torres in her judgement. Torres elucidated that SEC failed to demonstrate in its appeal that the resolution was definitively incorrect.

Tracing the facts back to July, Torres had pronounced that the Programmatic Sales of XRP by Ripple “didn’t come under the categorization of the offer and sale of investment contracts.” She portrayed that XRP, in terms of Programmatic Sales, “wasn’t inherently a security.”

Nevertheless, Torres’ judgment suggested that institutional sales might potentially be regarded as security transactions. Resulting from Tuesday’s resolution, XRP initially rose about 6%, although it has since given up a small percentage of those gains.

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ripple wins judge dismisses sec appeal

Frequently asked Questions

1. What does Judge Torres’ dismissal of the SEC’s interim appeal mean for Ripple?

The dismissal of the SEC’s interim appeal by Judge Torres signifies a significant triumph for Ripple. It indicates that the court has found the SEC’s arguments unconvincing and supports Ripple’s position in the ongoing legal battle.

2. How does Judge Torres’ decision impact the broader cryptocurrency industry?

Judge Torres’ decision to dismiss the SEC’s interim appeal has broader implications for the cryptocurrency industry. It establishes a precedent that challenges the regulatory overreach of the SEC and may lead to increased regulatory clarity and fairness for other crypto companies.

3. What were the key factors considered by Judge Torres in dismissing the SEC’s appeal?

Judge Torres likely considered several factors in dismissing the SEC’s appeal, such as the strength of Ripple’s legal arguments, the lack of immediate harm to investors, and the potential disruption to the cryptocurrency market caused by the SEC’s actions.

4. Will the dismissal of the SEC’s appeal have any immediate impact on Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency?

The dismissal of the SEC’s interim appeal does not have an immediate impact on Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency. However, it does provide Ripple with a stronger legal position and may boost investor confidence in XRP, potentially leading to increased demand and price appreciation in the long run.

5. What are the next steps in the legal battle between Ripple and the SEC?

Following Judge Torres’ dismissal of the SEC’s interim appeal, the next steps in the legal battle between Ripple and the SEC will likely involve further court proceedings. The case will proceed to discovery, where both parties will gather evidence and present their arguments before a final ruling is made.

6. How might this dismissal affect the perception of Ripple in the eyes of potential partners and investors?

The dismissal of the SEC’s appeal is likely to positively impact the perception of Ripple among potential partners and investors. It demonstrates that Ripple has a strong legal defense and increases confidence in the company’s ability to navigate regulatory challenges successfully.

7. Could the SEC appeal Judge Torres’ dismissal in the future?

Yes, it is possible that the SEC may choose to appeal Judge Torres’ dismissal in the future. However, the dismissal itself indicates that the SEC’s case is facing significant challenges, making it less likely for the SEC to pursue an appeal.

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