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Is the Time Ripe to Replace SWIFT System, Questions Russian VTB Bank Leader Andrei Kostin

In a provocative declaration, Andrei Kostin, the man at the helm of VTB Bank, Russia’s second-largest banking conglomerate, has put forth a view that could jolt the financial world – SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) “needs to die.” These comments were elicited by the behaviour of the US and its utilization of the dollar, sparking apprehension in various nations that are now exploring alternatives to SWIFT.

Reasons Behind Andrei Kostin’s Call to ‘Kill’ SWIFT

SWIFT’s nervous system is its messaging protocol, which enables cross-border transactions using the global banking system. Kostin strongly believes that there is a pressing need to dismantle the SWIFT setup. However, according to him, the roadmap to achieving this disruptive goal will require various nations to take a coordinated series of actions.

Kostin, who had been tagged by US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in 2018 as a Russian government functionary instrumental in promoting Russia’s malevolent activities, made these remarks on the sidelines of the International Banking Forum in Sochi.

How The Dollar and Euro Have Become Instruments of Dominance

Kostin’s sharp criticism of SWIFT and his call for alternatives stem from his perception of how the dollar has been ‘weaponized’ by the US against Russia and other nations. This factor, he believes, is causing nations to reduce their reliance on the dollar and consider launching their own currencies.

He mentioned that the rigorous way in which Americans used the dollar and Europeans managed the euro, has propelled a shift in the mindset of several nations, leaving them worried about the possibility of being targeted next.

After facing sanctions from the West, Russia has made proactive efforts toward transitioning to trade settlements in their national currency with friendly countries. Simultaneously, Russia has been in active pursuit of alternatives to SWIFT, as indicated by their Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at the Moscow Financial Forum.

Was the SWIFT system an isolating tool used against the Russian banking system? Severing the ties of seven Russian banks from the SWIFT network in March 2022 and later widening these measures to other financial institutions might answer in the affirmative, as per Kostin.

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What is your take on Kostin’s viewpoints about SWIFT? Share your thoughts below!

russian banker calls for swift elimination

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is SWIFT and why does a Russian banker assert that it should be eliminated?

Answer: SWIFT, or the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, is a global messaging network used by banks to securely exchange information and instructions related to financial transactions. The Russian banker asserts that SWIFT should be eliminated due to concerns over its dominance by Western countries and potential for abuse as a political tool.

2. How does the Russian banker propose eliminating SWIFT, and what would be the consequences?

Answer: The Russian banker proposes creating an alternative global messaging network that is independent of Western influence. By doing so, the banker suggests that countries like Russia would have more control over their financial transactions and would be less susceptible to political pressure from Western nations. However, eliminating SWIFT would have significant consequences, including disrupting the current international financial system and potentially leading to fragmentation and reduced efficiency.

3. What are the potential advantages of eliminating SWIFT, according to the Russian banker?

Answer: The Russian banker argues that eliminating SWIFT would provide countries like Russia with more independence and autonomy in their financial dealings. It would also reduce the risk of being subjected to economic sanctions or political manipulation by Western countries. Additionally, the banker suggests that an alternative system could be more inclusive, allowing more countries to participate on an equal footing.

4. What are the concerns surrounding the elimination of SWIFT?

Answer: Some concerns surrounding the elimination of SWIFT include the disruption it would cause to the current global financial system. SWIFT has been a trusted network for decades, and any replacement would need to be meticulously designed and implemented to ensure security and reliability. Additionally, the elimination of SWIFT may lead to increased fragmentation and reduced efficiency in international financial transactions.

5. How likely is it that SWIFT will be eliminated?

Answer: The likelihood of SWIFT being eliminated entirely is currently low. The network has become deeply integrated into the global financial system and serves as a vital infrastructure for numerous countries and financial institutions. However, there may be efforts to create alternative systems or reduce reliance on SWIFT in specific geopolitical contexts, such as when countries face significant political tensions or economic sanctions.

6. Are there any ongoing discussions or initiatives regarding the future of SWIFT?

Answer: Yes, there have been discussions and initiatives regarding the future of SWIFT. Some countries, including Russia and China, have expressed interest in developing alternative messaging systems or enhancing existing ones to reduce dependence on SWIFT. However, these efforts are still in early stages, and it remains to be seen whether they will gain significant traction or widespread adoption.

7. What are the potential implications for the global financial system if SWIFT were to be eliminated?

Answer: The potential implications for the global financial system if SWIFT were to be eliminated could be far-reaching. It could lead to increased fragmentation as different countries or regions develop their own messaging systems, potentially hindering global financial integration. Moreover, it may result in decreased efficiency and higher costs for international transactions due to the need for multiple networks and additional layers of security.

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