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Samourai Wallet Collaborates on Documentary on Cody Wilson’s Impact on 3D-Printed Firearms

On October 21, 2023, a brand new documentary will hit the online world, detailing the sphere of 3D firearm printing, with a particular focus on the efforts made by Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson. This documentary, titled “Death Athletic: A Dissident Architecture,” is a combined production effort between Encode Productions, prominent privacy-centric bitcoin wallet Samourai Wallet, and Thomas Donnelly.

Cody Wilson and Wave of 3D-Printed Firearms: A Spotlight

The upcoming documentary succinctly titled “Death Athletic” casts a significant light on the revolutionary surge of 3D gun printing, zeroing in squarely on the notable work carried out by Cody Wilson, a name deeply ingrained in 3D firearm printing fraternity. According to the reports that surfaced first on Coindesk, Samourai Wallet assisted in overseeing the film’s production as an executive producer.

Wilson, an instrumental figure, is widely credited for bringing to life the first functional 3D-printed firearm, known as the Liberator. In addition, he is also remembered for his contributions to the now-nonoperational BTC privacy wallet, Dark Wallet. Since the introduction of the Liberator, many designers have fine-tuned, created and dispersed their own takes on 3D firearm printing blueprints.

Moreover, “Death Athletic” takes us through the legal roadblocks faced by Wilson and his firm at the hands of the U.S. government. The spotlight is also shone on Defense Distributed’s CNC mill “Ghost Gun” device, and the recent introduction of Gatgpt, an open-source gun data-focused AI chatbot.

Interestingly, the project was crowdfunded through cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, and XMR, with its BTC address amassing roughly 0.686 BTC from the time it was set up.

Quantum AI Trading Bot to the Rescue

While documentaries like “Death Athletic” highlight the ongoing ascensions in technological breakthroughs, the trading world is witnessing its revolution. One such prominent prospect is the introduction of AI trading bots, a noteworthy example being the Quantum AI Trading Bot.

Despite the complexities of cryptocurrency trading, the Quantum AI Trading Bot helps to streamline the trading process by predicting market trends and executing trades with lightning speed. Best of all, it caters to both amateur and professional traders alike. In a world contending with advancements such as 3D printed firearms, these AI improvements help ensure secure, efficient, and profitable trading.

What are your views on the forthcoming documentary highlighting Wilson and the rise of 3D printed firearms? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments section.

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Frequently asked Questions

1. How does Samourai Wallet contribute to the crafting of Cody Wilson Documentary on 3D Gun Legacy?

Samourai Wallet aids in the creation of the Cody Wilson Documentary on 3D Gun Legacy by providing a platform that ensures secure and private transactions for the funding and distribution of the documentary. It protects the financial privacy of both the filmmakers and the supporters, allowing for a discreet and censorship-resistant production process.

2. Can Samourai Wallet assist in maintaining anonymity while funding the Cody Wilson Documentary?

Yes, Samourai Wallet prioritizes privacy and anonymity. By utilizing features like CoinJoin and Stonewall, it enables users to mix their transactions with others, making it challenging to trace the source of funds. This ensures that the contributors to the Cody Wilson Documentary can remain anonymous if they choose to do so.

3. How does Samourai Wallet protect against censorship during the distribution of the Cody Wilson Documentary?

Samourai Wallet includes a feature called Ricochet, which allows users to send Bitcoin transactions through multiple intermediary nodes, making it difficult for authorities or censors to track and block the transactions. This feature ensures that the distribution of the Cody Wilson Documentary remains resistant to censorship attempts.

4. Is Samourai Wallet accessible for all users involved in the production of the Cody Wilson Documentary?

Yes, Samourai Wallet is available for both Android and iOS devices, making it widely accessible to all users involved in the production of the Cody Wilson Documentary. It provides a user-friendly interface that can be easily navigated, regardless of technical expertise.

5. How does Samourai Wallet protect against potential hacks or security breaches during the production process?

Samourai Wallet incorporates various security measures to safeguard against hacks or security breaches. These include features like offline storage of private keys, which reduces the risk of unauthorized access, as well as the option to set up spending limits and PIN protection. These measures ensure that the production process of the Cody Wilson Documentary remains secure.

6. Does using Samourai Wallet require any technical expertise?

While Samourai Wallet offers advanced privacy features, it is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all. The app provides step-by-step instructions and a simple interface, making it suitable for users with varying levels of technical expertise. Additionally, the Samourai Wallet team offers support and resources for any technical inquiries.

7. Can Samourai Wallet be used for purposes other than the production of the Cody Wilson Documentary?

Absolutely, Samourai Wallet is a versatile tool that can be used for various Bitcoin transactions and purposes beyond the Cody Wilson Documentary. It provides a secure, private, and user-friendly experience for anyone seeking to engage in confidential Bitcoin transactions while maintaining control over their financial privacy.

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