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Sega Explores Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Gaming

Sega, a leading video game developer, has revealed its cautious approach towards the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain in gaming. Shuji Utsumi, the co-chief operating officer of Sega, has recently opened up about the company’s exploration within this space.

Shuji made it clear that blockchain gaming was still a largely uncharted territory for Sega. He highlighted their curiosity and caution, ensuring that while they delve into this new domain, they continue to safeguard their valued franchises. Part of their learning curve within this field includes their collaboration with Double Jump Tokyo, a blockchain game developer and provider of non-fungible token (NFT) solutions.

Sega’s Thoughts on Blockchain Gaming: A Tale of Caution and Curiosity

Utsumi expressed that blockchain gaming presents an array of unknowns for Sega. His statements came in the light of an upcoming release of a Sega-licensed game developed by Double Jump Tokyo. But, he made sure to stress that for them, it’s about preserving their existing portfolio while seeking new opportunities in an innovative way.

He maintained that while Sega found the concept of play-to-earn games somewhat lackluster, they couldn’t ignore the intriguing prospect of blockchain technology’s application in gaming. He also cryptically hinted that Sega might consider extending licenses to unestablished franchises, a move that would make them better suited for integrating with blockchain technology.

Navigating Through Uncertainties

Utsumi compared this phase of blockchain gaming to the era of mobile gaming being introduced by puzzle games. He suggested the idea of appealing to gamers with blockchain-backed content aimed at being easily accessible as the key. He also highlighted how owning assets or possibly making money through blockchain games could attract a new niche of players.

One of the challenges Utsumi pinpointed was the development of wallets. He suggested that game design should make it convenient for users to establish these later on.

Regardless of the cautious stand of Sega, blockchain gaming has continued to gain traction. Notably, the Third Quarter Blockchain Gaming report by Dappradar showcased an investment inflow of $600 million into various blockchain gaming projects during Q3. The total investment in the sector for the year 2023 stands at an impressive $2.3 billion.

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sega executive shuji utsumi blockchain gaming remains mysterious

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is Sega’s stance on blockchain gaming?

Sega Executive Shuji Utsumi admits that blockchain gaming remains a mysterious terrain for them.

2. Has Sega made any attempts to enter the blockchain gaming industry?

Shuji Utsumi acknowledges that Sega has not made any significant moves into the blockchain gaming industry at this time.

3. Why does Sega consider blockchain gaming a mysterious terrain?

Sega Executive Shuji Utsumi explains that the company is still exploring the potential of blockchain technology and its applications in the gaming industry, which makes it a mysterious and unfamiliar area for them.

4. Is Sega planning to invest in blockchain gaming in the future?

According to Shuji Utsumi, Sega is considering various possibilities and monitoring the progress of blockchain gaming. However, no concrete investment plans have been announced yet.

5. What challenges does Sega see in adopting blockchain technology for gaming?

Shuji Utsumi highlights the complexity of integrating blockchain into existing gaming systems, as well as the need for Sega to thoroughly understand the technology and its implications before making any decisions.

6. Are there any potential advantages of blockchain gaming that Sega recognizes?

Although still uncertain about blockchain gaming, Shuji Utsumi acknowledges the potential for increased transparency, security, and player ownership that blockchain can bring to the gaming industry.

7. How does Sega plan to navigate the mysterious terrain of blockchain gaming?

Sega Executive Shuji Utsumi states that the company will continue to closely observe the progress and developments in blockchain gaming, conduct thorough research, and explore potential partnerships or collaborations to gain a deeper understanding of this emerging technology.

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